With the Federal Reserve slowing its interest rate increases and inflation slowing to a tolerable level, the question remains: what can companies earn in this softer economic environment? Now that we are halfway through companies reporting their earnings for the fourth quarter of 2022, we can affirm that it’s not going great.
Barry Tate |
Here we go again. Democrats and Republicans are locked in a pitched battle over what used to be a fairly routine matter: raising the debt ceiling. Read more to learn about how the debt ceiling works, how previous raises have played out, and what our current situation may mean for the markets in this week’s Markets in a Minute.
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In the third quarter of 2022, the S&P 500’s bear market reached ten months old, the Fed continued to tighten monetary policy as inflation accelerated, and recession predictions fill news headlines. In fact, with stocks down more than 25% and bonds overall down more than 15%, this year will go down, by some measures, as the worst start to the year since 1969. Read the latest Markets in a Minute for more on what brought...
As the S&P 500’s bear market completes its ninth month, two areas of the economy have experienced rapid changes: commodity price spikes coupled with impending shortages and a housing boom that is quickly petering out. How serious are these risks to the global economy and markets? Let’s discuss in this week’s Markets in a Minute.
With a war in Europe, sky-high energy prices, recession fears, intensifying political divisions, and an on-going global pandemic, it’s no wonder that both stocks and bonds have experienced large gyrations so far this year. In this week’s Markets in a Minute, we discuss what volatility among stocks and bonds means for your portfolio.