When you retire, initially there’s an adjustment period as you transition into having every day free to do as you please, and also get used to not having a regular paycheck. Key issues you may face as you begin retirement are:

  • How do I turn my savings into a regular income, and what is a reasonable withdrawal amount for me to take to ensure I won’t run out of money while I’m alive?
  • I’ve heard that annuities might be a good idea for guaranteed retirement income? How do I determine whether an annuity would be good for me?
  • How can I maximize my Social Security and/or pension benefits?
  • How can I plan for future health care costs? 
  • Do I still need life insurance? I have a permanent life insurance policy I bought years ago. Should I keep it or cash it in? 
  • I’d like to leave a financial legacy for my family or a charity I care about. What are the best ways to do that? 

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