From the Mailbox

Barry Tate |

Episode 2022-4

In this 35-minute Podcast of “Your Financial Journey” titled “From the Mailbox” Barry Tate discusses various topics from the financial world our listeners have inquired about over the last few weeks. In the first several minutes, Barry discusses his take on the Cryptocurrency craze and specifically recent events surrounding the FTX crypto-exchange bankruptcy. Second, the large investment firm Blackrock has experienced political backlash from several “Red-State” politicians regarding its perceived aggressive stance on ESG investing and Barry discusses his opinion on this issue. Next, the interest rate “yield curve” has been a topic in the financial media recently and Barry provides a brief overview of the yield curve and its significance as a predictor of recessions in the past. Lastly, Barry discusses a few words of overall advice for households to help them prepare for a possible recession next year.